Mine and Tunnel Products

Camber Lagging Systems

"V" Lagging

V lagging is used across the outside flange of the structural steel arch or square set to provide resistance to localized convergence of roof strata, shed water, or provide a stay in place form for back fill, concrete, or void fill material.

"C" Lagging

C lagging is used between the flanges sandwiched web to web on adjacent arch or square sets to provide a heavy, impact resistant support between sets. Sizes designed for each project.Often used in conjunction with wood lagging for "armored" protection.

Trapezoidal Lagging

Trapezoidal lagging is used for heavy duty applications where longer lagging sheets can be used on the outside flange. Available up to 30 feet long.

Custom Concrete Lagging for Mining and Other Applications

Custom Concrete Lagging
for Mining and Other Applications

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