Underground Trash Cans

These Underground Trash Cans are available at:

Seven Ranges Manufacturing Corporation

Durable heavy-duty galvanized steel construction

Eliminate unsightly trash
The strongest garbage container systems available

Sometimes it's just impossible to find a place to hide garbage. It piles up making your property look "trashy." To solve this problem and to beautify property at the same time, install "Cambercans."  Cambercans are underground garbage cans that eliminate ugly garbage, and decrease the clutter of ordinary surface garbage cans.Cambercans give you a lifetime of satisfaction because they are the most durable garbage container system available.

Consider these benefits:

  • Cambercans contain no plastic parts to break or wear out.
  • The cans are built the old-fashioned, heavy-duty way, including spot welding and lock-seams, industrial strength cotter pins, and bolts.
  • cansundNo skimping on quality.
  • Construction is over 98% galvanized steel.
  • Cambercan lids are galvannealed, a paintable galvanized.
  • Put your foot on the lid-step and the lid pops up for easy access.

Being tough and beautifying property aren't the only reason buyers choose Cambercans. Since they are installed underground, clean-up is non-existent and foul odors and penetration by animals is minimized too. Available as complete 20- or 25-gallon assemblies, or as individual replacement parts.